CartsHoo is a Business to costumer (B2C) e-commerce platform. The platform mainly focuses on women, children's clothes, accessories, furniture and other exclusive items. CartsHoo mainly targets Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MENAT). The philosophy of CartsHoo is “providing an amazing and unique buying experience”. We are working to provide an enjoyable buying experience by providing a limited number of sections that contain a large number of products and models that meet the expectations of our customers. Our concern is to achieve the needs of our customers and provide what suits them from models that combine quality and reasonable prices.

Our Mission

CartsHoo works to provide an enjoyable buying experience to our customers by choosing a wide range of products that meet their needs and desires. Certainly, we will work to provide the price, quality and accompanying services to our customers in order to achieve the goal of shopping pleasure.

Our Team

We have a team that is passionate and keen to serve our customers and is available 24/7. We will keep in touch with you through chat or toll-free number for any inquiries.

Our Promise

CartsHoo believes everyone should enjoy in his / her shopping journey. Through our platform, we will make it possible for shoppers to quickly and easily find exactly what they want from a selection of hundreds of items. Committed to delighting its customers every step of the way, CartsHoo is reinventing the way people shop for their needs from product discovery to final delivery.



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