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The company only sells the industry recognized good version, small capacity defect rate is about three thousandths, large capacity defect rate is about one thousandth.
The products sold are tested by all test software on the market. It is suggested to use the authoritative disk software H2testw to detect the upgrade card, so that there is no place to hide, so as to avoid your worries about product quality.

MicroSD card is a very small flash memory card, which is mainly used in mobile phones, but because of its small size and increasing storage capacity, it is now used in GPS devices, portable music players and some storage disks. Its volume is 15 mm x 11 mm x 1 mm, almost equal to the size of the finger, is now a small flash card. It can also be connected to the SD card slot through the SD adapter.

* If 3.0 card reader + 3.0 interface is used, the test data will be better. The actual speed depends on the device used and the size of the document, etc.

Special remind

The actual usage capacity of memory card 2GB is about 1.85GB, because the computer uses the binary system when it is manufactured with the 10th system.

(Computers are 1MB = 1024KB, and 1MB = 1000KB).

2GB is about 1.83GB, 4GB is about 3.7GB, 8GB is about 7.3GB, 16GB is about 14.6GB.

Class level

Class level is also an important symbol of SDHC card. It is a quantitative symbol of transmission speed. Memory cards of different levels can meet the needs of different users. Taking SDHC as an example, it can be divided into Class 2, Class 4, Class 6 and Class 10, and now there are more powerful UHS-I card. Class level is related to SDHC, for example, SDHC memory card capacity must be above 2GB, and at least have Class 2 level transmission speed.

Class2: Low write to 2.0MB/s, can satisfy to watch ordinary MPEG4 MPEG2 movies, SDTV, digital camera shooting.
Class 4: Low write to 4.0MB/s, can smoothly play HDTV, digital camera continuous shooting and other needs.
Class 6: Low write to 6.0MB/s, to meet the requirements of SLR camera continuous shooting and professional equipment.
Class10: Low write to 10.0MB/s, full HDTV recording and broadcasting.

How to identify the expansion and upgrade card?

At present, many expansion card upgrade cards, SD card/U disk/TF card/memory stick and other flash memory can be upgraded.

Upgrade is to label the capacity upgrade of 1G or 2G (or smaller such as 128M, 256M) as 4G8G 16G 32G or larger.

The actual capacity is 1G or 2G. Buyers can't judge whether to upgrade products by computer naked eyes.

At present, the effective method is to use & ldquo; H2testw & rdquo; or & ldquo; MyDiskTest & rdquo; software for overall verification.

H2testw download address:

mydisktest : /html u 2 /1 /60 /id =49281pn =0.html

Signing of the goods:

1. Please open the express or package to check whether the goods are damaged, missing or unequal before the buyer signs and receives them.
The risk of damage, lack, and wrong goods,

2. delivery (buyer signed) by the buyer, the seller is not responsible for the above risk;
The seller shall bear the responsibility before the delivery of the goods (the buyer signs the receipt); if there is a case where the receipt is first signed and then the package is opened for inspection,
The buyer shall require the carrier to supervise on the spot and open the package for inspection.

3. if the discovery is inconsistent,
Contact the seller in time and note the details on the receipt and let the carrier sign and confirm

After-sales service: Each memory card has our own laser label with the date indicated below.
One year warranty, artificial damage, no warranty.

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