Pleasant To The Ear Type Bluetooth Headset Motion Headset Stereo Run Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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Transmission range: 10 meters

Function: battery display, call function, support music

Bluetooth protocol: 4.2

Channel: Stereo

How to use: In-ear

Whether single binaural: bilateral stereo

The design of this product is user-friendly. The ergonomically designed silicone sleeve can firmly fit the ears, provide a comfortable wearing experience, and prevent falling off during running. No matter in the design of the appearance or the processing of the sound and color, friends who like music and sports are worth experiencing!

Model: S6A

Bluetooth protocol: 4.2

Battery capacity: 50mah

Music time: 2-3 hours

Standby time: 90 hours

Talk time: 2-4 hours

Output power: 32Ω

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Function introduction: adjust the volume, switch the song, answer the call, reject the call, Bluetooth play, hands-free call, call replay, voice prompt

Notes for use:

1. Be sure to plug it in place when charging to avoid poor contact. It should be as light as possible when plugging or unplugging, otherwise the plug will loosen after a long time.

2. Use a paired charger. If there is a dedicated charger, use a dedicated charger. If not, use a 500MA-1000MA charger, preferably not larger than 1000MA.

3. Generally charge for about 2 hours, try not to exceed 3 hours, it will only cause heat when charging for a long time, not good for the battery.

4. Don't charge the battery completely when you run out of power. It will not be very good for the battery, earphones, and even the last signal.

5. It is recommended not to use the headset while it is charging, otherwise it may cause unnecessary accidental damage.

6. When charging, the red indicator light is always on, indicating that charging is in progress. When the light turns blue or other colors, charging is complete.

7. If in the fully charged state, the battery will run out for a while, it may be a problem with the battery or the circuit, it is best not to continue charging and using it, you should contact the manufacturer to solve it.

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