Qq Expression Graphical Plug-in Card Mp3 Round Ultrathin Mp3 Amount Will Can Book Drafting Case Mp3

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1. Shell, innovative collar clip design, ultra small volume, weight less than 30g, you can clip at will. Simple, delicate.
2. Digital music playing in various MP3 music formats.
3. It can be used as a mobile flash disk to store MP3 songs or data anytime and anywhere.
4. It can be used as TF card reader.
5. It also has the function of MP3 and mobile storage disk.
6. Use USB 1.1/2.0 interface, hot-plug, plug-and-play.
7. No external power supply required
8. Use more than WIN98 / SE / me / 2000 / xp.liuxcore2.4
9. Storage medium. No mechanical parts, anti-vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference.
10. Built-in high-energy rechargeable lithium battery with long standby time.
11. Small shape design, beautiful and exquisite workmanship, gifts.

Use matters needing attention:

First, please do not charge MP3 with USB interface or charger for more than 2 hours. Otherwise, it will easily cause the failure and damage of the built-in lithium battery in MP3.
2. Please don't pay attention to the state of MP3 or charger indicator when charging. 1.5 hours will be full of electricity. After charging, MP3 or charger indicator will not change any state.
Third, the time for a single connection to the computer USB port should not exceed 2 hours. When MP3 is pulled out from the computer, it must strictly comply with the requirements of the computer operating system, delete the hardware first and then unplug the MP3. Otherwise, it is very easy to cause MP3 player to lose software program.
Fourth, in the normal use of the new machine, please do not upgrade the firmware of the MP3 player.

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